February 2024 Newsletter: Exploring Webapps and Custom GPTs

Feb 29, 2024

Cutting it a little close this month, but I’m grateful for the leap year giving me just enough time to finalize our February newsletter.

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Webapps… What are they and what’s their potential?

What happens when you mix a website with an app – you get a webapp. Ok, so that’s a huge oversimplification (and a webapp’s technical name is a PWA), but in a nutshell they are a way to create the look, feel, and experience of an app without having to develop one, or deal with the hassle of the app stores.

In this month’s video I explain webapps – what I call a ‘handy hybrid’ – and the interesting opportunities they provide for smaller businesses who need to innovate rapidly and on a smaller budget.

Fortunately I have a couple of fun little side-projects to use as explainer case studies; a Bluey Soundboard (for all the parents reading), and a Randomise Anything tool which I created for family game nights.

Tutorial: Diving into Custom GPTs

I’d go out on a limb and assume that most businesses have incorporated AI in some form by now. Over the new year OpenAI launched ‘Custom GPTs’ which allow you to upload your own dataset and create a set of rules & parameters to customise the output of ChatGPT to your specific needs. In this month’s tutorial we have a top-level look at the power of Custom GPTs, a topic we’re lifely to revisit again moving forwards.

Looking ahead

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