Resimac Product Brochures: Balancing Technical Details with Clear Communication

Jun 26, 2024

When it comes to industrial coatings and composites, presenting product information clearly, concisely, and in an engaging format is often a challenge – this is also true for many specialist organisations. Communicating key product benefits that grab attention, then diving-deeper into the technical details is a bit of a balancing act. Resimac, a UK-based manufacturer of industrial coatings, recently tackled this challenge head-on when it came to redesigning their Resimac product brochures.

The Project

Resimac supplies materials to over 60 countries worldwide and works with some of the largest companies globally. They needed a series of individual product brochures to effectively showcase their range of products.

A5 Format: Practical and Purposeful

For this project, we went with an A5 portrait format for each brochure. This size was chosen for a few practical reasons:

– Portability: Easy to carry to trade shows or client meetings.
– Efficiency: Makes good use of space, keeping printing costs and material use in check.
– Focus: Encourages concise information about each product.

Finding the Right Balance

The main task for the Resimac product brochures was to find a good balance between technical accuracy and readability. We needed each brochure to:

– Clearly show product specs and uses
– Point out what makes each product unique
– Present information in a way that’s easy to understand

Design Approach

To meet these goals, we used a few key design elements:

– Infographics to simplify complex information
– Carefully chosen images showing the products in use
– A clean, modern layout that fits with Resimac’s brand

While each brochure focuses on one product, we made sure they all look part of the same family. This helps strengthen Resimac’s brand and makes it easier for customers to navigate the product range.

The Outcome

These brochures are now a useful tool for Resimac to show off their expertise and product quality to customers worldwide. They take complex product details and present them in a clear, visually interesting way.

As Resimac continues to develop new products in industrial coatings and composites, these brochures will help them communicate effectively with their customers.

This project shows how good design can help bridge the gap between complex technical information and user-friendly communication in the industrial sector.

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