Bluey: Dance Mode Soundboard

Mar 10, 2023

Anyone who has binged on Bluey will know and love the infamous ‘Dance Mode’ episode.

Over the last few months my daughter has gotten into Bluey in a big way… and it’s great. Bluey is one of those kids programs that I probably enjoy as much as Lizzy does herself. So I made a little app for her; a soundboard from her favourite episode.

The Dance Mode episode sees the two kids, Bluey and Bingo, given three ‘dance modes’ which, when used, require their parents to spontaneously burst into dance- no matter the location, song, or awkwardness of the situation.

Also in the episode is a ‘Yes / No’ button – a little keychain that’s bought as a bribe by the dad to forgo the final dance mode.

/p>The app is a simple PWA (a website that can be saved as an app for those who don’t speak jargon). It’s not perfect, but it does what it says on the tin.

So, “Who likes to danncccee…” (yep, that’s the soundboard link).

Note: Lizzy loved it. To the extent that I regretted making this within about an hour.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project created as a bit of fun for my daughter (obviously not-for-profit in any way). This is not a commercial project and I have no affiliation to Bluey or the copyright owners. That said, you should definitely check out Bluey.

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