Randomise Anything: A fun webapp to simplify selections

Feb 28, 2024

I recently created a fun little side project for family game nights called Randomise Anything. This tool is specifically designed to make random selection easy and fair, ideal for things like choosing a dealer, selecting categories & topics, or even choosing the game if we can’t all agree.

The app includes several features to cater to everyones needs.

Editable Lists
Users can create and modify lists to suit their specific needs, enhancing the app’s versatility.

Customisation Options
The app includes customizable logos and headers, allowing for a personalised experience.

Cheat Mode
Ensures the top item in the list is never selected, if you want to cheat… not that I’d ever endorse such underhanded tactics 😉 .

Unique Mode
Prevents the app from re-selecting previously chosen items, ensuring diverse choices.

Design Inspiration

The app uses the color scheme of the House Party app, paying homage to the games and connections that were a significant part of the Covid lockdowns. This choice adds a nostalgic and fun aesthetic to the app.

What is a webapp?

A webapp (also known as a PWA) is a website that can be downloaded as an app, these are accessed directly online rather than via the App Store or Play Store. Webapps are a handy hybrid that can fill niche requirements, such as Bluey Soundboard I created for my daughter.


‘Randomise Anything’ is a straightforward tool developed to make random selection easier and more fair for everyone. It reflects my approach to solving practical problems through design and development. I encourage you to try it and see how it can simplify decisions in various settings.

You can use the randomise in your browser, or add it to your phone as an app, here – Randomise Anything.

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