Transforming the Dorman Museum: Brand, Design & Artwork

Feb 01, 2024

One of my highlights back in 2021 was rebranding the Dorman Museum logo and the museum’s overall brand. The Dorman Museum is a beautiful grade II listed building in Middlesbrough and a staple of the town, featuring a wide range of exhibitions from local heritage to topics such as space, dinosaurs, and rotating collections.

Last year, I had the opportunity to continue collaborating with the museum, this time working on a series of large-scale wall designs to begin to transform the museum in line with their new vision. This was a chance to build on the rebranding work and take it a step further, enhancing the museum’s interior to match the updated identity we established the year before.

Now the artwork has been installed I had the opportunity to head back into the museum and see how it looked….

The Project

The project was extensive, covering the design and installation of large-format artworks across two floors, reflecting the museum’s new brand and color scheme. The task was to create an inviting and engaging environment for visitors, ensuring the design complements the museum’s diverse exhibits.

Design Approach

Creating an isometric map of the museum was one of the key components. This map wasn’t just functional; it was designed to be a visual feature in itself, helping visitors navigate the museum while also serving as an engaging piece of art.

Signage played a big part too. It’s crucial for guiding visitors and enhancing their experience. The new signage had to be clear and coherent, fitting seamlessly with the new brand and the overall design scheme.


Looking at the finished work and seeing how it’s transformed the museum has been incredibly satisfying. It’s great to see a project from concept through to completion and witness the positive impact it has on the space.

I’m proud to have been part of this transformation at the Dorman Museum. It’s been rewarding to contribute to a local landmark, helping to bring a fresh look and feel to a place that holds so much history and importance in Middlesbrough.

Interestingly it’s not the only local museum I’ve worked with lately, as last year I had the pleasure of developing a digital trail for Kirkleatham Museum. There’s something special about working with local museums and communities, and I hope to work on many more of these projects moving forwards.

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