Creating a Museum-Based Digital Trail

Jul 14, 2023

To celebrate the 50th digital trail on Huntee I had the opportunity to work with the team at Kirkleatham Museum to create something unique, and (fingers-crossed) engaging…

I first launched Huntee in 2019 as a digital treasure trail for my niece around a local park. At the time I had a need to research geolocation technology for web-based projects, and creating small projects to learn new tech has always proved a productive way for me to learn and stress-test potential options.

The first trial proved popular so I made a couple more, at which point the story was picked up by local media and the word spread. However, it wasn’t until one particular review on Facebook that I realised that Huntee was turning into something that made a difference.

“I never leave reviews but I absolutely love this! We’ve been struggling getting our 7 year old out for a walk but we did the Ropner Park trail today and she had so much fun! She’s already planning to do one tomorrow. Will be telling everyone I know about this!” – Sarah, Facebook.

Four years, 49 trails, two digital escape rooms, and a full redesign later Huntee is ready to launch it’s 50th trail, with a twist. The vision for Huntee has centred on creating captivating experiences that blend technology, culture, and discovery, as such the goal to create a unique digital experience around a much-loved local museum fit the bill perfectly.

The trail encourages players to engage with the museum, think critically, and explore the wealth of information available., shining a light on the contributions of the people of Teesside housed within Kirkleatham Museum.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with the team at Kirkleatham Museum. You can check out the Kirkleatham Museum digital trail, along with the wide-range of other trails and games on

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