Reintroducing My Newsletter: New Insights, Inspiration, and Practical Tips

Nov 29, 2023

After a brief pause (okay, 3+ years) I’m excited to relaunch my monthly newsletter. It’s in a new format and I wanted to take a moment to share what’s new and why I believe it will be a useful resource for you.

You can watch the full video here:

Moving forwards I’ll share a short video with insights, tips & tricks, and project updates. These will be roughly 5-10 minutes for you to watch over a coffee-break, and I’ll send via email and post it on my website.

The reason… well, my previous format of sharing my news/projects with you always felt somewhat self-focused. I appreciate the majority of my clients represent SME’s, so here’s what you’ll get:

01. Insights
Tech is ever-evolving and I’ll provide a top-level overview of the updates and news you may need to know, from running a website to creative marketing and everything in-between.

02. Highlights
I’ll continue to share my recent work but in a way that’s more than just a portfolio showcase. I hope this will continue to add some experience and validity to the content of these updates.

03. Tips, Tricks & Tutorials
With the rapid advancement of technologies like AI there’s a wealth of opportunities to enhance productivity and creativity. I’ll share practical tips and how-to’s, especially focusing on leveraging AI, to help you streamline your operations and stay competitive.

Designing key insight reports

I’ve been working with the team at Vypr to create a series of PDF reports highlighting their consumer research across a range of topics & sectors. I’ll use one of these PDF’s as the basis for this months AI tutorial.

Read more: Vypr Reports 2023

Isometric product video

I’ve worked with Blue Hammer throughout the year on many digital deliverables. Recently they needed a succinct explainer video to showcase their AI platform which provided an overview and visual representation of the top-level capabilities.

Read More: Isometric animation for Blue Hammer

Tutorial: Analysing a PDF & writing a blog post

For those not yet familiar with the potential of AI this months video includes an example of how I use ChatGPT to:

– Upload a large PDF and provide a brif summary of the information it contains
– Automatically extract all images from the PDF for downloads
– Write a blog-post based on the PDFs

Creating ‘match 3’ addition

Tripleopolis is an “insanely addictive” (not my words) match-3 style game I’m working on as a side project to test the capabilities of AI.

I’ve fully created this as a web-app and I’m currently in the process of converting it to a native app with the goal of getting it onto the major app stores.

Feedback & the future

I hope you enjoy this new format and that it provides some useful information.

This newsletter is for you, as such your feedback is invaluable. Please send across any thoughts or suggestions on how I can make each edition as relevant and useful as possible.

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