Christmas Quizzes: Fun and Free Downloadables

Dec 13, 2023

Each Christmas, my family has a bit of a tradition – a treasure hunt blended with quizzes and games that starts as soon as we’re all together. As we’re not all under the same roof as often as we’d like to be, this competition cuts straight through the ice and allows the turkey just enough time to cook.

This tradition kicks off with each team receiving their first clue, usually disguised as a gift, leading them through a series of quizzes and cyphers, each revealing where the next clue is hidden.

I thought it would be worth uploading and sharing the quizzes and puzzles from last year’s game in case they’re of use to anyone .They’re now up for grabs on my website for free download.

Here’s What You’ll Find

– Christmas Rebus Puzzles: Picture-based puzzles for some brain-teasing.
– Bad Christmas Jokes Quiz: A collection of groan-worthy jokes, because why not?
– Christmas Cyphers: Cryptic codes that add a bit of mystery to the mix.

Design Notes

These are designed to be clear, user-friendly, and visually appealing, whether you’re viewing them on a screen or printing them out. They are designed as A5 sheets, width two to a page so they;re easy to print at home on A4.

For Everyone

These activities are meant for a mixed crowd, not too difficult but enough to spark some interest and fun. They’re a great way to get people of all ages interacting.

Download the PDF

You can download these activities from my website in PDF format right here. They’re a simple addition to your holiday plans, whether you’re looking for an icebreaker or just a bit of festive fun.

Whether you use them as part of a work quiz, family games, or just on your own for a bit of fun I’m curious to see how they fit into your Christmas celebrations, if you enjoy them please let me know.

I value your feedback, so let me know how these work for you and any suggestions for improvement. Keep an eye out for more content in the future.

Enjoy, and Happy Christmas!

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