April 2024 Newsletter: Projection-based escape rooms, and two new tutorials

Apr 25, 2024

This April, after a break in March due to a somewhat spontaneous trip to South-East Asia with family and friends, I’m back with a fresh video featuring quick tutorials focused on SEO and AI-driven audio creation. Here’s what you can expect in this brief yet informative video – if you missed the previous video you can view the February newsletter here.

A Brief Interlude

You might have noticed the absence of a March newsletter. Over Easter, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to South-East Asia to meet friends. It was a rejuvenating time away, but now it’s back to business as usual.

Projection Mapping & Escape Rooms

As I’m mid-project on a few client deliverables I’ll take the opportunity to share a side project in this newsletter.

During the Covid lockdowns I created a digital escape room for fellow Teessiders called ‘The Steel River‘, which featured puzzles and challenges while exploring the history, folklore, and industry of the River Tees.

Since then I’ve often wondered about bringing the experience to a larger format and transforming it into a multi-player experience. Over the past few months I’ve made good progress, keep an eye on my blog and socials for updates coming soon!

Video Highlights

In about 20 minutes, the video covers two topics that are fundamental yet often overlooked in digital strategies:

SEO Keyword Optimization:

Beginning at the 3:15 mark, the tutorial provides an overview of how to effectively identify and use keywords for your website with the help of AI tools and Google Keyword Planner. This segment aims to give you foundational knowledge to either handle SEO yourself or work more informedly with SEO specialists.

AI-Powered Audio Creation:

At the 13:10 mark, I introduce Sonauto, a free tool for creating audio tracks. This part of the video demonstrates how to use the tool to enhance your projects with quality audio, offering a practical example to get you started.

Why Watch?

These tutorials are crafted to give you a snapshot—quick yet practical insights into using these tools effectively. While not comprehensive, they serve as a primer to get you up to speed on integrating these technologies into your digital workflows.

Invitation to Discuss

I invite you to watch the video and join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and questions either here in the blog comments or directly beneath the video on YouTube. Your engagement helps enrich our collective understanding and application of these digital tools.

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