Word Game ‘Underline!’ is Launched

Dec 18, 2012

I am pleased to announce that Underline! has now been released on iOS, following on from its initial launch on PlayStation Mobile in October. Underline! combines Tetris, Scrabble and Bejewelled into a fast-paced addictive word game.


Underline! is now available for iPhone on the App Store and PSM Store.

After spending over a year working on it (through Albino Pixel) I am excited to see how it will be received. It is also my debut game, and also the reason for the lack of updates around here recently.

Introducing Underline!

Create words and clear the tiles off the grid while the letters drop, don’t let the grid fill up or take too long otherwise its game over! You are rewarded for speed and skill with special multipliers and bonuses. These special tiles can clear rows, act as a ‘blank’ letter, or multiply your score as you compete to top the leader-board.

Use the coins you earn in-game to buy weapons which clear the grid, shuffle the tiles, give you a head start or even freeze time.

Gameplay modes

Classic: Letters will constantly drop from the top of the screen getting faster the longer you last and the better you play. Earn multipliers and bonus tiles to clear the board with bonus chains and earn higher scores.

Time Attack: This is like Classic mode but with a twist, the clock is always ticking and you must try and keep it topped up by playing words; the longer the word the more time added to your clock. How long will you last?

Wordsearch: In this mode you start with a solid grid of letters and you have two minutes to find as many words as possible, each time you remove a word it will be replaced with fresh letters.

Pass N Play: In this mode take on a friend and see who ends up running out of time first in this multi-player version of Time Attack mode.

With over 25 Game Center achievements, multiple leader-boards to compete with your friends, four different game modes and a choice of 6 weapons; Underline really is the word game to keep you entertained over Christmas and into 2013 and even better its free!

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