Teesside University Industry Panel

Oct 21, 2015

Earlier this week I returned to Teesside University for the first time since my graduation. I was invited to take part in an panel event discussing recruitment processes and to provide employers insights to students trying to break into the field.

The panel took place in a familiar lecture theatre that was playing host to final year students of Computer Animation, Computer Games Design, and Computer Visualisation courses. It felt a little odd to be looking up rather than one of the many looking down. Eimer Bourke from the university’s careers department assembled a panel consisting of myself, Tom Beardsmore (founder at Coatsink), and Andy Bell (technical artist) to discuss both sides of the recruitment process and how to best leverage a portfolio to stand-out from the competition. The three of us hadn’t met prior to the event but it didn’t cause any issues, Eimer had done a great job of getting a panel full of complementary personalities whilst covering a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences. It seemed (from my perspective at least) that the ‘‘Get Ready to Grab that Job Employer Panel’ had been very well received.

It felt great to be back on campus despite the enormous amount of development made to Teesside University in the years since I graduated. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to return and contribute further in the not-too-distant future.

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