Shout-out to a local computer specialist

Sep 23, 2015

We’ve all had that moment where we become resigned to the fact that our computer, laptop, smartphone or other electronic device needs to be repaired. Whether it’s been performing badly for a while (running along on quick fixes and sheer desperation) or has suddenly ceased doing it’s job.

Earlier this year it was the turn for my MacBook Pro. Getting slower by the day and causing a disproportionate increase in related rage and frustration it was time to take it to a professional. Like many other people I prefer to support local business when I can, so I took my laptop to Home Fix Computers (Stokesley, North Yorkshire) who promptly diagnosed, repaired and returned my MacBook Pro and with it my blood-pressure.

So what? A local computer repair shop repaired my computer, in doing so they merely did what was expected right? True enough, but I was very happy with the service nonetheless.

What really stood out was when I contacted them a couple of months later regarding purchase of a printer/scanner. Again preferring to support local business I went to Home Fix Computers first to enquire, even though I knew what I wanted I make no claim to be an expert in printers and peripherals. Unfortunately they didn’t have something in-store matching the specification I required, but I was grateful to receive a full breakdown of the best value vs. performance printer to match my requirements, along with a link to the best retailer deal around.

In todays ‘customer experience’ focused world it’s almost expected for a company to go slightly above what was asked, but for Home Fix Computers to go the extra mile was really appreciated and I can’t recommend them enough.

I’ll end this entry by stating that I don’t often write content of this nature, yet the service I’ve received certainly warranted this aberration.

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