Case Study

HeadStart Conference

A digital conference for children and young adults providing key information on mental health & emotional wellbeing.

Digital Conference

Transitioning from physical to digital

Covid19 changed everything, and for the HeadStart annual conference this meant their event needed to be entirely online.

Peter Hinton Design designed and developed a game-themed (fully responsive) website with colourful, regional-based graphics and an engaging user experience.


Retro-graphics & Gamification

To resonate with the target audience the website was created in the style of retro platform computer games.

Regional Pride

Championing Middlesbrough

HeadStart is a Middlesbrough-based organisation supporting children and young-adults across the region. To create a strong sense of connection many famous local landmarks and buildings were converted into pixel-art.

“We needed an innovative and engaging solution in order to provide valuable learning resources to the children & young people we support. Having worked with Peter Hinton Design previously we were confident of a unique solution that would deliver everything we needed, the website exceeded all expectations and was very well received.”

Andy Appleyard, HeadStart