Project Agreement

So we'll be working together on a design project, awesome!

Before we start I’d like to introduce you to some important stages within the project process. This will explain how we’ll work together and ensure everything goes smoothly.

A design project consists of following stages (unless otherwise agreed).

01. Planning

During the planning stage Peter Hinton Design will create the initial project proposal in addition to any elements that will enable you understand and visualise the final project; such as layouts, wireframes, and workflows. Once agreed they will be signed-off by the key stakeholders in the project to ensure we share a clear and common understanding from the onset.

02. Design

The design stage involves the generation of a wide range of ideas and concept designs, working to the plan agreed in stage one so there should be no surprises. There is a lot of flexibility in this stage as concepts are created, reviewed, and refined.

03. Review Stage

The concept designs are reviewed and a checklist of outstanding tasks is agreed. Any 'out-of-scope' requirements that have come to light during the first 3 stages are discussed. Of course any major new work identified at this stage may impact the timescale agreed at the onset of the project.

04. Production

During the production stage the final design of the project is produced ready for sign-off, this includes the addition of the final required content/copy/imagery.

05. Sign-Off / Completion

Once the first 4 stages are complete, and client sign-off is provided, the project is finalised.

If the project involves digital design all required will be provided in the agreed formats. If the project requires printing, installation, or any other additional processes these will be completed during this stage.


The preferred method of contact is email. Other communication tools (including phone/conference calls, text messaging, Skype, Cisco Spark, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Facebook) can be used for general communications throughout the project if the client prefers. However, all documentation and invoices will be sent via email.


Whilst flexibility is at the heart of the Peter Hinton Design, experience suggests that it will help the smooth and effective delivery of the project if we can agree a few key assumptions at the onset to ensure that we share a common understanding of the process:

  • i. Peter Hinton Design will provide two rounds of amendments per design (or set of designs) during the first stage. If all stakeholders were involved at the planning stage this should be more than enough. Of course, if necessary, a greater scope can be agreed at the onset.
  • ii. With each design (or set of designs) you will have the chance to provide feedback and suggest amendments. However, please ensure that every stakeholder who has a say in the project provides feedback at the same time. This helps avoid contradictory and confusing feedback based on range of personal preferences.
  • iii. Feedback at each 'amendment' stage should be sent to Peter Hinton Design as a single document (preferably email) by the key stakeholder. Feedback sent irregularly may be missed or unclear, and may need to be be treated as another round of amendments, potentially delaying the project and increasing costs.
  • iv. The content/copy of the project is the responsibility of the client. It is recommended that the content is finalised prior to the commencement of the production stage to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • v. If you need to go beyond the two rounds of amendments then each further round may be charged at an agreed cost, based on Peter Hinton Design's hourly rate.

All Agreed? Let's Begin

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