New Website for Lambda Films

Jun 23, 2015

Peter Hinton Design teamed up with Norwich-based digital designer Darryl Donnelly to design, develop and launch a new website for Lambda Films… and I promise I’ve finished with the hyperlinks.

The website features a unique ‘scroller’ on the homepage to showcase Lambda’s services. The design is centred around a car which becomes animated as the user scrolls through the four stages of Lambda’s service offering; Concept, Production, Post and Marketing.

Due to Lambda’s active approch to digital media the website has to be both scalable and customisable. Therefore WordPress was used as the underlying content management system (CMS), with the Wistia video service being used to deploy device-agnostic video that plays/streams consistantly across smartphones and desktops alike.

The new site has been well received and it was great to hear some positive feedback from Lambda Films following its launch; “A damn spectacular job. I can honestly say it’s the first site I’ve actually been happy and proud to own. Great design and flawless development”.

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