New Seal Films Website Makes a Splash

Oct 03, 2015

Seal Films are an award-winning video production company based in the heart of Manchester’s ‘Northern Quarter’ – the creative hub.

Earlier this year Seal Films get in touch Peter Hinton Design to produce their new website with the goal of effectively showcasing their work with a style & layout that captures their unique spirit, style and approach. After collaborating closely on the project we are excited to launch their new website to the world.

Upon the release of the new website Seal Films provided some great feedback; “We were looking for a way to inject character to our site that reflected our individual personalities. Peter worked with us to develop this idea into a socially responsive, dynamic site that not only looks great visually but works really well for us too in terms of it’s functionality.”

As you would expect with a project of this nature, video is central to the design with the Seal Films show-reel being featured front & centre on the homepage. The design is supported by a colourful grid layout throughout that adapts to the users device combining Seal Film’s latest videos, news and social media updates from Twitter and Instagram.

The website itself is built using the WordPress content management system allowing Seal Films to update the website with their latest news and videos. Integration with Vimeo (a leading video streaming service) ensures reliable, high-quality video playback compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

So what are you waiting for, check out the new Seal Films website and stay up-to-date the team by following them on their various social platforms.

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