‘Missing My Son’ Microsite

Nov 28, 2016

Orillo Productions have established a well-earned reputation of creating eye-catching films. To showcase their latest production, Missing My Son, I worked with their team to design and develop a microsite to highlight the project, cast, and crew.

The Missing My Son film (in Orillo’s own words) “is inspired by one of the tales of Tom Waits, this story tells about a strange meeting ‘Tom’ has with a woman in a supermarket, claiming he is a lookalike to her dead son.
As ever the story takes a turn for the strange and foolish.”

Richard O’Hare, Orillo’s Production Director, was kind enough to share some kind words upon completion of the project. “It was great to continue our partnership with Peter Hinton Design, who created the impactful microsite we required to showcase the film, our process, and the cast / crew.”

The Orillo team will be taking the project to a few festivals, including Cannes, and I hope the film receives the plaudits it deserves.

Update: the microsite is no longer online.

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