Middlesbrough 10k Road Race

Sep 04, 2011

After years of good intentions regarding the Middlesbrough 10k I finally took part for the first time this year – and beat my personal best too.

I set myself the target of coming in under 45 minutes and became a little apprehensive during the build up as the sun came out and the humidity level seemed to rise, two factors I have always seemed to struggle with. Fortunately the crowd and the event itself gave me that something extra to help me finish in 44.24 (chip time, 44.41 gun time).

Peter Hinton at the Middlesbrough 10k

I love this photo, it makes it look as though I’m winning

So congratulations to everyone who took part, it was great seeing so many of my friends and family there either competing or cheering me on from the sidelines. The event itself was so well organised, my thanks go out to the organisers, staff, participants (2700+ of them) and spectators that made the day so special. I’ll see you all there again next year.

Nope I didn’t finish in the top 3, all the participants received a medal

For the record I came 269th of 2700 (approx.) narrowly squeezing into the top 10%.

Peter Hinton at the Middlesbrough 10k

The only downside (I’m not seriously complaining here) was the free training top received in the goody bag. It was a horrible design on an equally bad green material. Perhaps they should get a different designer for next year… hint hint :).

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