May’s Charity: Football Tournament

Jun 09, 2016

May’s charity-of-the-month was completely different to the usual ‘choose a charity and donate’ approach I’ve taken since I begin last springtime. It was an absolute blast to be part of the Riverside Charity Football Tournament event that proved to be a huge success raising over £11,000 for selected home (South Tees Hospital Renal Unit) and away (Islamic Relief) charities.

The tournament featured 4 four teams, each with a local sponsor, who competed in a football tournament of which I was proud to be part of the winning team – The Miraaj Wanderers (I’m the last on the right in the picture). All players, managers, organisers, and supporters did an unbelievable job of fundraising for the event. As a lifelong Middlesbrough FC supporter it was a special experience to play football on a pitch that is the source of so many good (and some bad) experiences as a fan.

My role, beyond playing as a combative central midfielder, was to provide some creative material (both print and digital) for the event. The design and production of the tournament programme was well received, in addition to the social-media focused graphics to raise awareness ahead of kickoff.

I was proud to be part of such an incredible event. Huge thanks go to everyone involved, along with the events sponsors, to Middlesbrough Football Club, and to Qas and Zak in particular who masterminded and organised the entire event.

You can read more about the event itself in this The Northern Echo article.

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