Learning with Zombies

Jan 07, 2015

Earlier this month I was offered the opportunity to return to my former school and lead a lesson in digital marketing. An invitation I gladly accepted, using the platform to talk about social media, design trends and a zombie apocalypse!

During my time managing a team I have always been drawn to the coaching aspect of the role, and while I’ve never seriously considered teaching it has remained in the back of my mind as an avenue I might like to explore someday. The opportunity came from a chance meeting with ‘Mentoring Professional’, a Middlesbrough-based company who deliver interactive workshops to schools and colleges across the North East of England. The result was a great experience, a fun and engaging lesson, and the potential to lead more sessions and workshops in the future. The feedback received has been positive too, which is always a relief!

It’s been over a decade since I left Nunthorpe School after completing my GCSE’s, and having the opportunity to return and give a little something back meant a great deal to me. The current deputy headteacher was kind enough to give me a tour after the final bell rang, it was surprising to see how much had changed and yet how familiar the building felt.

It’s strange to think that an unexpected new chapter in my career may have begun at the gates of a school where I thought my own short story had ended.

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