Launching the New Vypr website: a powerful digital platform.

Jan 15, 2024

Last month saw the new Vypr website launch, completely built from the ground-up in terms of both design and development to represent their rebrand and provide a digital hub for their marketing and sales campaigns.

Vypr is a product intelligence platform which provides valuable consumer insights to retailers, who then use this information to improve their product offerings and tailor their marketing campaigns.

Rebranding with a Unique Touch

The website’s launch follows Vypr’s recent rebranding, and brings a fresh and modern user experience. One of the key design aspects of the new website is the incorporation of what are affectionally known as the ‘animated ‘scribbles’. These scribbles not only add a little personality but also serve to highlight key information in long-form reports, making them more visually engaging and easier to digest.

A Comprehensive Marketing Hub

The new website is designed to function as a central marketing hub for Vypr. It’s not just a platform for showcasing their product intelligence services but also a resource centre. The site features extensive product information, insightful blogs, detailed reports, and gated deep-dive collateral. This rich content mix is aimed at providing value to current and potential clients, offering them a comprehensive view of Vypr’s expertise and offerings.

Empowering the Vypr Team

A key aspect of this project was ensuring that the Vypr team could fully manage the website. The site is built to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing the team to update content, manage resources, and scale the website according to their evolving business needs. This self-managed approach ensures that the website can continuously evolve without requiring external intervention for everyday updates.

Scalability and Future Growth

In line with Vypr’s growing business and evolving demands, the website is designed to be scalable. This scalability is crucial in allowing Vypr to expand its online presence seamlessly as they continue to provide valuable product intelligence insights to companies. These insights are instrumental in helping businesses improve their products and boost sales, and the website is a reflection of this dynamic and forward-thinking approach.

My Involvement and Vypr Feedback

I’ve been working with the Vypr team for a number of years Iincluding the recent report designs, and when it came to their new website I was entrusted to provide all aspects of the design, development, and build, in addition to working closely on the overall strategy with the team.


The new Vypr website is more than just a digital space; it’s a testament to how thoughtful design and robust development can come together to create an online presence that truly reflects a brand’s personality and business goals. It has been a rewarding experience to collaborate closely with the Vypr team on this project, delivering a product that not only meets their current needs but is also equipped for future growth and changes.

You can visit Vypr’s new website on to explore how they are shaping the future of product intelligence, they even offer a free demo if you’re a retailer interested in improving your offering.

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