Huntee Digital Trails: A Charity Walk with AXA Insurance

May 16, 2024

This past weekend a team from AXA Insurance completed a charity walk using one of Huntee’s digital trails. Huntee is a website and app that I operate as a side project, which encourages people to head out and explore. It’s incredible to see Huntee being used as a fundraising tool.

The AXA team joined over 7,000 local players who have also used Huntee’s digital trails to add an engaging layer to traditional outdoor activities. The trail chosen by the AXA team encouraged players to explore the historical heart of Middlesbrough and engage with various checkpoints that presented trivia questions and challenges.

The team successfully completed the Middlesbrough Heritage route, just one of over 50 innovative gamified digital trails available on Huntee. I hope the AXA team and other local organizations will continue to use Huntee for team-building, fundraising, and wellbeing activities in the future.

Whether you’re an individual who likes to explore, a family looking for fun activities, or an organization in need of team-building and charity event ideas, there are over 50 Huntee trails across North Yorkshire, Teesside, and County Durham to enjoy. All trails are completely free and available via

If you’d like to hear a little more about Huntee you can listen to the chat I had with BBC Tees when the website initially launched.

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