Getting JD Training Back Online

Apr 28, 2016

The latest version of the JD Training website was successfully launched in 2015. Peter Hinton Design worked closely with JD Training to overhaul their website in-line with the company’s target markets. The result was a visually impactful website with dramatically increased web-leads.

While Peter Hinton Design can provide website management services, JD Training’s domain name and hosting were be managed by their existing IT services provider, allowing JD Training to centralise their IT services with one supplier. However, when JD Training decided to switch IT providers in April 2016 the website was completely deleted in error, with neitherĀ theĀ old or new IT providers obtaining a backup prior to the new providers mis-configuration that led to the error.

With the company website offline, and neither IT provider taking responsibility for the issue or willing to devise a plan to recover the website, Peter Hinton Design stepped in to provide immediate action. A holding page was quickly uploaded, providing a temporary solution to inform visitors to JD Training’s with contact details and a message that the website would be fully restored soon. Peter Hinton Design then fully re-created the IT environment and relaunched the website to its full version. Due to the fact that no backup was obtained by either IT provider, Peter Hinton Design manually re-entered the missing information entered since our backup (created when the website was launched) by using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine which had fortunately stored the content.

Once everything was back online it was great to hear positive feedback from Pam who said “Thank’s Peter, I don’t know what we would have done without you.” And Annette, who said “Thank you. You are amazing.”

It was incredibly frustrating to see a company suffer due to failings of two established IT service providers. However, due to swift action we were able to restore the website in full.

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