So It Begins…

Mar 19, 2009

What Could Have Been

V1.0 was nearly a Flash website

It has gone through more designs and re-designs than I can remember, it’s been put on hold due to client projects, re-designed again, and now unleashed upon the world. At long last, after 3 years in the creative industry and half a year after establishing Peter Hinton Design as a company I finally have my own website. I hope you like it…

Even though the main purpose of this is (obviously) to promote myself and my portfolio, I will make use of the blog to post some news and views about the industy itself and to publish tips, tricks and tutorials. I have found the online community a massive help throughout my career so far and so this is my attempt to give a bit back – hopefuly it will be of some use to a few people out there.

Before I wrap up my first post I have to give a big thankyou to Amy – cheers for all your help, inspiration and ideas. Thanks also to my workmates and the management at TeleWare for employing me, putting up with me everyday, and for allowing me to establish Peter Hinton Design. And finally to all the clients of Peter Hinton Design upto this point.

Thoughts, comments and improvements are always welcome, feel free to comment or get in touch about this site, or if you simply want to chat :o)

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