New Website for Vanu

May 09, 2016

Vanu Inc recently launched their new brand identity, along with a re-designed website to showcase the company’s innovative products and solutions providing ‘communications coverage in places without coverage today’.

The main purpose of Vanu Inc‘s re-designed and developed website was to clearly and effectively communicate the company’s leading solutions to markets that can benefit from their expertise. The new homepage features a map showing examples of Vanu Inc’s key solutions worldwide, each of which links through to additional information about the product or service. The website itself is powered by a customised Content Management System (CMS) allowing Vanu Inc to fully manage the website’s content and schedule news and press releases.

The new Vanu Inc logo is an evolution of the company’s existing, established brand. A bold, minimal and modern design was produced to provide a strong first impression. The company’s purple colour theme was maintained for consistency, while being slightly enhanced for an improved impact.

The company’s founder, Vanu Bose was kind enough to share the following testimonial for Peter Hinton Design upon completion of the project. “Vanu Inc approached Peter Hinton Design to design our website due to his extensive background and experience working in the technology sector. From the start we were excited with Peter’s work. Peter laid out a comprehensive plan with detailed drawings and navigation approach. We wanted a very simplistic website that was easy to read and navigate through. He accomplished this quickly, and was flexible with his time and adaptability to change. We believe it was a very successful project due to the positive collaboration throughout, along with responsiveness, expertise and enthusiasm. We enjoyed working with Peter and plan to use him for other phases of our project.”

It’s always satisfying to collaborate with forward-thinking, innovative companies, and the new Vanu Inc brand and website projects were no exception. My thanks go to both Vanu Bose and Debi Aubee (Vice President Sales) who I worked closely with throughout the process.

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