New logo for Need Want Love

Jul 02, 2015

Need.Want.Love are a UK-based eBay business providing jewellery, wedding favours, charms and (in their words) “gifts you need, gifts you want and gifts you love”.

The company was founded by jewellary-marker and artist Nicole Shields who noticed a niche in the market for a retailer, and from there Need.Want.Love was born. Since it’s inception the company has grown in terms of both staff and premises, along with establishing a stellar record as an eBay-based retailer.

The time had come for Need.Want.Love to focus on their brand and create a design that reflected their product and style of business. The final logo focusses around a gentle hand-written font supported by stylised flowing elements that provide balance throughout the design.

You can check out their online store on eBay and stay up-to-date with all products and offers via Facebook.

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