Advertisement Origami

Nov 16, 2011

I’m currently in the middle of several major projects so I don’t have too much to share right now, which gives me the opportunity to post something pretty cool I made last month – advertisement origami!

Origami Soma Cube
The assembled soma cube.

We have been running a series of adverts which which generally results in a large number of printed variants and discarded designs. Instead of taking them across to the recycle bin I decided to be a little more creative and make a paper suma cube. A soma cube is a 3x3x3 puzzle cube that is made of several different blocks, and was the cause of both fun and frustration in the office as only (roughly) half of my workmates could complete it.

Origami Soma Cube
The 7 individual blocks.

My uncle got me hooked on origami as a kid but the fixation only lasted about halfway though high-school, so when faced with a mound of paper at work it seemed like a good idea to turn back to it. I’d like to add that my projects are still on target and I didn’t get in trouble for making this :).

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